Traveling with Family

First off – Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my American Friends and Happy Chanukah to my beloved Jewish Friends and Family.

Okay let’s talk family. We all have them, whether we claim them or not – they do belong to us and are technically our responsibility (this always seems more evident around the holidays).

This is the time of year that we are blessed enough to spend time with, the people we love, our family ( I define this loosely because in my eyes family can be anyone that you love, related, not related, friends, significant others, your dog.. family is whoever you want it to be so long as they make your heart warm)

That being said.. let’s face it traveling with family is always an experience (good, bad, ugly, pretty, meltdown..etcetera, etcetera)

My People!

Personally,I am extremely fortunate, the people who make up my family are hands down my favorite people in the entire world, they are my ride or dies, I would not trade them for anything.. but you know when your mom tries to entice you into a full conversation at 7 in the morning with a cup of hazelnut coffee while you are definitely still sleeping and your sister snap chats your face the entire weekend so all of her contacts can see the true beauty you are at 8am and your dad tries to ditch the three of you at the next rest stop because he has spent too many hours in the car with “the girls” well then you might consider cashing them in too.

But let’s be serious.. this is the best part about traveling with the FAM!

Inevitably, someone in your family will end up crying, someone will lose the car keys, someone will have drank too much, someone will go on strike because they hate Nick Saben, someone will burn the bread – it’s all relevant.

So what happens then.. what do you do when you have had enough family time?

1. Walk away, go get some fresh air – take a little time for you, after all you ARE on vacation.

Sometimes even Nana's need some fresh air.

Sometimes even Nana’s need some fresh air.

2. Never leave home without a means of escape (i.e. book, iPod, laptop, camera). You should always bring something with you that can ease your mind and distract you from everything that is going on. Sometimes spending more than a few days with a large group of people can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you are slightly introverted like myself – no this does not mean shy (introvert: a person who is energized by spending time alone). So bring your sanity in a bag.


3. Take a day excursion. Usually during the holidays we spend a lot of time in one place (the kitchen). So take a little trip downtown, to the beach, maybe there is a festival nearby. It is easy to get stir crazy which leads to agitation.. So save yourself (and everyone around you) the aggravation and go let loose for a bit.

Eat Popsicles with your Sissy on your Excursion

Eat a Gourmet Popsicle with your Sissy on your Excursion

4. Someone in your family is bound to forget something (or maybe a beer run is in order). Be the one to make the journey. Chances are no one wants to trek to the supermarket Thanksgiving Eve but if you are in desperate need of a minute to yourself this is the perfect opportunity to escape without anyone thinking you are being completely antisocial.

You'd love to go to the supermarket… ALONE

You’d love to go to the supermarket… ALONE

5. But most importantly just relax.. just relax and count your blessings. Be happy you have a family to drive you crazy for a few days, be happy that you have a warm home and food on your table. Being thankful will ease the stress of too much family time. Soak up as much time as you can with your beautiful family, you are lucky!

But nothing beats this!

But nothing beats this!

Well that is that.

I had the BEST holiday this past week, I am so thankful for my wonderful, crazy family. Hope you had a wonderful festive holiday as well.

Tis’ the season to enjoy your company and be grateful for all that you have.

Thank you for reading!

Lovingly Yours,


Happy Holidays from The Belli Family!

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  1. Loved reading this!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Xo Lisa

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    Lisa Sectzer Kendall 312. 343. 9993


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