Excuse My French Brownies

Wow! I haven’t posted a recipe in ages.

Last minute Recipe for your holiday party!

Last minute Recipe for your holiday party!

I am so excited. When I was melting the chocolate for these brownies I was thinking to myself “YES YES YES YOU DESERVE A POST!”

Excuse My French Brownies.

So actually I learned how to make these homemade brownies in Tarragona, Spain from a beautiful French couple, Aurelie and Romain, that Jay (My absolutely amazing travel companion) and I Couchsurfed with.

It is no secret that I love Couchsurfing, I am a huge, huge advocate of this type of accommodation (as long as you are a respectful tidy house-guest) because not only is it great for people traveling on a budget, but you will also meet the most incredible, like-minded people.

So Aurelie and Romain had been in the Couchsurfing community way before we showed up on their doorstep. As soon as we met, Jay & I were so grateful to have stumbled across their profile. Jay and Romain hit it off immediately in the living room as Aurelie and I were instantly trading recipes in the kitchen of her loft. She was telling me about the amazing Red Curry recipes she learned while they were traveling in Thailand (Yes I blame my Thai infatuation on her) and how she knows how to make the best pizza crust you have ever had. And then the BROWNIES.. She asked me if I like sweets and I said “well, who doesn’t?” So after a marathon of recipe swapping we decided that the four of us would make dinner the next night and she would teach me how to make red thai curry, pizza and yes the infamous brownies!

So Sticky!

So Sticky!

There is a story behind these brownies, actually now that I think about, it there must be many stories behind these brownies because I obviously just told you my long-drawn out brownie obsessed sub-story. But anyways these brownies are from a notorious Chef in France, Aurelie and Romain did not disclose his name, but this chef was angry- now (pause/sigh) I don’t remember the whole story.. go figure.. but what I do remember is that the only way this chef would teach Aurelie and Romain this recipe was if they promised him that they would spread this recipe around to all of the travelers that they met.

Honest to god, these brownies are the most fudgey, moist, flavorful brownies I have ever had. And the best part is that they taste even better on Day Two. Aurelie thought that they would probably taste the best on Day Three but they have never actually made it to Day Three, so no one really knows! They are THAT good. Which is why I have named them Excuse My French Brownies.

DSC_0128 - Version 2


20oz of Chocolate (1/2 semi-sweet 1/2 dark chocolate)

1 stick of butter

1 1/2 cups of sugar

2 cups of flour

3 eggs

1 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

tablespoon of salt


Step 1: Melt your chocolate on a low stove setting – make sure that you don’t burn the chocolate because then you will have burnt brownies.. this is the most important step.

Step 2: Add the stick of butter once the chocolate is completely melted (cut the butter into smaller sections before adding so it melts quicker).

Step 3: Add the sugar after the chocolate and butter are melted together.

Step 4: In a separate bowl whisk the 3 eggs, vanilla and salt together.

Step 5: Whisk (Or use a hand mixer) the egg mixture and chocolate mixture together – do this slowly so the eggs do not end up scrambled (ew)

Step 6: Once the egg and chocolate mixture are combined and look like liquid goodness whisk the flour in slowly (you may need more or less depending on how you like your brownies – the fudgier (fudgeyer? the more fudgey?) you like your brownies the less flour you will use – the fluffier you like your brownies the more flour you should use)

I cooked them at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes – since every oven is different keep an eye on them. You do not want to over cook your brownies (like I almost just did while I was writing this post).

So there you have it!

20oz of chocolate, 1 stick of butter, cup of sugar Excuse My French Brownies .. I never said they were healthy ;)




Au Revoir,


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