Ohmyitskye is Culture Shocked


I know some of you are probably irritated with me. I know a lot of you are dying for beautiful photos and posts about the amazing things I have done and all of the crazy stories..



Truth is, I am just breaking into my solo skin in ASIA.

And Holy shit. Asia is totally winning, actually to be proper Thailand is in the lead. I know that I mentioned it in my previous post that I am absolutely Allergic to Asia, but I have also been going through culture shock, like whoa.

I have been to a lot of different places in the world, but I cannot recall a place that has provided me the amount of culture shock that I have been experiencing on this trip.

Maybe it is because I am trying to get back into the lifestyle of a backpacker? (Yes it is a total lifestyle, and I kind of forgot about that). Or maybe Thailand is a lot different than I expected.

Either way, I have been living blindly for the past 10 days. I feel like my eyes are finally opening and I am seeing the beauty that Thailand has to offer, a different sort of beauty but beautiful yes.

I can't I just can't. this will never get old.

I can’t I just can’t. this will never get old.

I am sorry to myself for judging this country to quickly and not truly giving it the chance that it deserved. But am finally done being a brat.

I have to say on top of being a bratty traveler that was turning her nose up to most of Thailand (besides Railey beach.. I mean, something would be seriously wrong if I couldn’t find that beautiful) I have been adjusting to a HUGE learning curve, about myself, about solo traveling and about Thailand as a whole.

Only an asshole would be mad about this view.

Only an asshole would be mad about this view.

So for my haste judgement, I am sorry. And I am sorry for my lack of inspiration, because that is actually absurd, and I am slightly ashamed of myself.. Especially because I like to think of myself as someone with an optimistic, energetic outlook on almost all situations and I just could not come to terms with this place. Stupid I know.

M.I.T. (Monk in Training) A Regular Site in these Parts

M.I.T. (Monk in Training) A Regular Site in these Parts

But anyways thats the story. Can I give you a few tips about being alone, that I have learned the hard way.

1. The first two weeks are FUCKING hard. No one tells you this… Travel alone they said, it will be the best time ever they said.. Yea it will be the best time ever three weeks into your trip when you are actually meeting people and getting into a groove and are adjusted to traveling by yourself. Traveling solo is really, really hard if you have never done it before. And to be honest it only takes one awesome person to turn your whole day (or trip) around. So like maybe you are the type of person that will make friends from the moment you touch down but sometimes it takes a little bit longer to find someone that you spend more than a couple minutes or an hour with small talking, and when you find that person you will remember the exact reason you decided to go solo.

Pups like their alone time too.. but thats after they roamed the night with the pack.

Pups like their alone time too.. but thats after they roamed the night with the pack.

2. Motivate yourself. Yea I know it sounds ridiculous… BUT no one is there to do it for you stupid. You have to do it yourself. How can you not be motivated they ask? You are in a foreign country doing the thing you love most..TRAVEL.  That doesn’t make any sense? Well let me tell you.. you wake up, you think to yourself what should I do today? and you say to yourself..self I am in a foreign city, so we should eat and then walk around. After a few hours of wandering aimlessly by yourself. you say self, I am done wandering so now what? HERES WHAT! Motivate yourself, rent a bike, book an excursion, sit a coffee shop alone, find a yoga class. Just do something.

Mango Sticky Rice Forever.

Mango Sticky Rice Forever.

3. Know your limits and do not do anything abroad that you would not do at home. I am very serious about this one. I would elaborate but I think this is clear enough. Protect yourself and be smart, don’t be a Farang (pronounced Fah-Rong – or foreign idiot in Thai)

4. Stop being shy. Be the one that says hello for a change, your mean mug face is not as friendly as you think asshole. Just smile at anyone and everyone..maybe except for the Tuk Tuk drivers..AVOID THE TUK TUK DRIVERS.. they just want your money.. so you can mean mug them. But other than them.. if you smile most people will smile back!

You Should Smile Jerk!

You Should Smile Jerk!

5. Leave your room. Yes we all need our privacy from time to time but stop being a hermit and leave your cozy hotel room. Stay at a dorm instead, book some tours, go to the local market, socialize in the lobby, buy a beer or a coffee-whichever you fancy. Challenge yourself and stay out of your room for the entire day. You won’t be disappointed! I promise. I really do!



But most importantly relax and have fun. No one wants to hang with the tense pessimist- they wanna party with the kid that has the biggest, goofiest smile. So like go do that.

All that being said. My trip is getting better and better by the day and I really cannot wait to meet more awesome people and have fab stories to tell. I always forget that in every great trip there are wonderful parts and not so good parts. I think things should be looking up from here! As always.. thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

I promise to be posting more in the upcoming weeks!

With so much love!


Look at all my new friends!

Look at all my new friends!

3 thoughts on “Ohmyitskye is Culture Shocked

    • Love your Blog, looks like your having a great time and keep writing and posting pictures!!! Keep Safe and Have Fun!

  1. My Dearest Best Friend,

    It is bizarre not talking to you. I find myself constantly wondering what you are doing, and looking at the time and saying, “Wow, It is 6:18pm here, it is 6:18am there…when will she wake up?” Can I just say, I am soooo happy you are starting to love it! Don’t fret, we all judge…we all judge more than we would like to admit, let’s be honest here. You are going to continue inspiring all of us to travel, and we are all SO happy to see Thailand through you. I love your Mango Sticky Rice Egg pic, but what I love more is your dream bracelet. I love you tons, and lets please FaceTime the next chance you get. Stay safe! muah xoxoxo

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