Be Easy.

I have been sitting in the same spot for about two hours being lazy, playing on my computer because I am so behind on editing my photos and telling you stories.

Isn't she beautiful!

Isn’t she beautiful!

And now I am paranoid because I saw something out of the corner of my eye moving and it was a couple of mice (rats) and now I think that they are circling me like sharks, when really they haven’t been back in like 30 minutes. #paranoid.


I wanted to talk to you about being easy. No I do not mean “easy” as in like being a whore..I don’t think you  are a whore.. what happened last night is none of my business.

BUT what I do mean by being easy – is like rolling with the punches.. letting loose.. not scheduling your life away.. taking time for you, even if that means doing nothing and playing on your computer for 4 hours while you are in Chiang Mai and should actually be talking to monks and looking at temples and stuff (I’m talking about myself because I am vain and think you care..I know you don’t REALLLLLY care).

Be Easy

Be Easy


So stop scheduling yourself silly on vacation. If you are new to this concept and it gives you anxiety you may need to take baby steps towards this nirvana. But if you are a pro like me and can go for months with no plan then you can stop reading here because you already know whats up!

Let me tell you how it works when you are a pro (or procrastinator – whatever you want to call it).

You decide that you have seen everything you needed to see in Ayutthaya so you leave. You decide you like Chiang Mai so you stay..for seven more days than you originally thought. It is really that easy.

But more importantly everyone that travels knows that while you are in your destination of choice you begin to hear about all the wonderful things to do and places to eat that are undiscoverable over the internet or in your lonely planet book. So this is why having a loose schedule is crucial to your traveling alter-ego.

I can’t count the things that I would have missed out on if I had a strict schedule

I definitely wouldn’t have worked on a farm in Hungary.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

And I for sure wouldn’t have traveled to Eastern Europe.

That's definitely the worst thing I have ever heard!

That’s definitely the worst thing I have ever heard!

Or been able to spend time with these incredible elephants.

Uhm...That would be horrible.

Uhm…That would be horrible.

I know I wouldn’t have ended up with all of my lifelong friends, because I would have been way too busy with my own schedule.

Just goofing with a new lifelong pal!

Just goofing with a new lifelong pal!


I do think that scheduling things in advance can sometimes be crucial especially if you are on a time crunch, but I think that by allowing yourself downtime to explore and get lost you will find much more than you expected. That is hypocritical I know.


I guess I could keep writing, but really it is simple and once you master the flexibility of life and living in the moment I guarantee your life will become better.

My mom sent me a quote which I could not find more true, it reminds me how important it is to live in the moment and to be flexible with your plans and with life for that matter.

“Just because today is terrible, does not mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life.”

It could be the best!

It could be the best!

Also I smell like sweat.. sorry if that was TMI. I just thought we were on that level now? I’m going to get a massage before dinner.. because I don’t have anywhere to be..and while I was wandering I found the cutest spa.. oh also because Thailand is known for their $10 massages.

Have a nice unplanned Saturday!

Much love!


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